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New Worker Teleworking Training Tools for Managers

The goal of the CSS New Worker Resource Guide and the New Worker Teleworking Tools Presentation Handout is to assist the manager and the new employee by giving that employee a basic training overview in CSS as well as offer some helpful tips and resources.

Within these resources, there are links to information in three main areas: General, Targeted Training, and Additional Resources.

General includes:

  • Onboarding CSQuest articles
  • Onboarding Handbook
  • Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Navigating CSQuest
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint

Targeted Training includes:

  • CSS Training Matrix
  • CSS Training Universe Table
  • CSS Crash Courses
  • Learning Opportunity and Upcoming Events

Additional Resources Includes:

  • Glossary of Child Support Terms (Acronyms)
  • Glossary of Child Support Terms (Definitions)
  • Caselog Notes and Court Minute Abbreviations
  • Care Scripts
  • State Policy
  • OSIS Help
  • Adobe Life Cycle (ALC)
  • OCSE
  • NCSEA & NCSEA WebTalks
  • Reverse Directory
  • Whois
  • CSS District Office Information
  • Child Support Regions and Offices Map
  • CSS State Office – Centers and Regions
  • Publications for Local Offices
  • Teams Channel for PFR Teleworking Work Lists
  • Additional Contacts for help.