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Individual Learning Plans for Functional Areas

Reviewed Content on April 24, 2024

The Individual Learning Plans linked in this article are ones specifically for Finance, Enforcement, and Paternity and Establishment. They are downloadable and can be filled in for or by child support specialists.

To use the Individual Learning Plans for your functional area, please download the file, and open it with Adobe Pro.

To do this, click on the Individual Learning Plan you want to work with. List of ILPs in Quest article.

This will open your ILP as a PDF in your browser (Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, etc). There are icons in the upper right to print or save. Press the Save Icon. Icons appearing in the upper right of the PDF indicating print or save.

You will be given a choice of where you want to save the file. You can choose your desktop, create a folder just for the ILP, or choose a folder you already have available.

Highlighted List of locations on the computer where the file can be saved

Once you have saved your Individual Learning Plan, go to the place where you saved it, click the file one time to highlight it and then right-click to open the menu. Choose Open with and select Adobe Acrobat DC.

Highlighted List of locations on the computer where the file can be saved

Once the file opens you will be able to type in the document to make notes about your trainings and courses, put check marks in the ones you have completed, and select the date you completed the activity.

Enforcement Individual Learning Plan (PDF)

Finance Individual Learning Plan (PDF)

Paternity & Establishment Individual Learning Plan (PDF)

The accuracy of this CS Quest Article is up to date as of 4/24/24.