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Closing Intact Family with Medical Assistance Cases

Federal Reg 45 CFR 303.11 Closure Reason Code 60-Day Notice Reqd? Closure Method May Convert to a Non-IV-D Pass-Through Case When Closed? Check for Active Benefits? Check for payments Check for Money Owed on the case less than $500? Check for Money Owed on the case greater than $500 & Unenf arrears? CSENET Code
(b)(8) 01 – Non-TANF: Applicant Request, No Money Due the State

  • A child that has not been deleted or removed from the case cannot be a current recipient of benefits with case type C, A, F, H, I, M, or X.
  • A written request from the customer to close the case is in the file.
  • If assigned current cash medical is accruing then the case cannot close.
  • If the amount owed to the state on the case is greater than $500, the case will not close;
  • If the amount owed to the state on the case is greater than 0 and less than $500, the case will close, unless there has been a payment in the last 365 days.
  • If the amount owed to the state on the case is $0 or less, the case closes regardless of when the last payment was received.
No Manual initiation Immediate closure Yes Yes Yes “Owed to State” arrears No GSC09

Closing a case per a case closure application for intact family with active medical benefits:

  • Must have a closure application
  • Check CFFBI (CFFBI_/MMYY) for any state owed balances.
  • Check OBLI to verify that assigned cash medical is not accruing
  • Check HCAL (HCAL_HCA CASE#) to verify that the NCP has been added to HCA case
  • Check CFRR for payments (if state owed balances are greater than $500.00 the case will not close)

Once it has been verified that the case meets criteria for 04/01 as an intact family with medical benefits you will need to remove the child from the CHU screen  with the REMOVED: date and RSN: code 03Child now resides with absent parent or RSN: code 04-child now res. in home not rec cs serv

CHU OSIS Screen with Removed date and RSN highlighted.

The CCPU screen (type CCPU next to the CP that is being updated) will also need to be updated to reflect a Y in the field living with ap:

CCPU OSIS Screen with Living With AP and Y response highlighted.

Close the case by using the CSCU screen (NEXT: CSCU). Update the IV_D STATUS with 04 and the reason with 01 then hit Enter. This closure reason is an immediate closure so it will not display a Pending closure reason or pending closure date. If you hit Enter twice it will display the reason for closure in the other reason closure field.  The case will now show a status of 04 and the balances can be removed.

CSCU OSIS Screen with IVD Status 04 and Reason 01 highlighted.