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‘Complex URA Verification’ State Judgment Division

Sometimes a judgment must be divided between multiple custodial persons (CPs). The worker should use existing documentation (e.g. arrearage computation (AC), judgment worksheet) to correctly divide the judgment. If there is no documentation available, the worker will:

  1. Note the time period of the judgment
  2. Determine how many months each CP and the children received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) during this period
  3. Divide the total CC judgment amount by the total number of TANF months to get a monthly amount
  4. Multiply this monthly amount times the number of TANF months for each CP
  5. Example:

    CC judgment = $2000
    CP 001 custody/TANF time period = 2 months
    CP 002 custody/TANF time period = 8 months
    $2000/10 months = $200/month
    CP 001 = $200 x 2 month’s custody = $400 CC judgment
    CP 002 = $200 x 8 months custody = $1600 CC judgment

  6. Build an obligation for each CP. See “How to Build a Basic Obligation in OSIS” at the following link: How to Build a Basic Obligation in OSIS on the Education/Finance page of the Infonet
  7. Enter the calculated judgment amount for each CP on their obligation
  8. Review retained CC judgment payments by CP. If more has applied to the CP’s CC judgment portion than was owed, send a Finance Action Request. Otherwise update the balances as appropriate
  9. Caselog all actions in detail