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Distributed Adjustment Checklist

Before sending a Finance Action Request (FAR), please follow this checklist to ensure your request is correct.  If not, the Request will be sent back to you for additional or missing information.

Finance Adjustment Checklist

  • Can the Center for Finance & Budget (CFB) verify the amount of the adjustment requested using the information provided by the adjustment request and OSIS?
  • Is the reason for the adjustment valid according to policy?
  • Do the custody time periods on OSIS match the information provided?
  • Did the Custodial Parent (CP) ever receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and/or Foster Care? If so,
    • Are the TANF and Foster Care time periods correct?
    • Is the Foster Care a paid or non-paid placement?
    • Does CP have a Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) balance?
  • If per a court order, does the court order state what is being asked in the request? Is the court order attached to the request?
  • Does the intended payee have a current address on OSIS?
  • Does the intended payee (CP or NCP) have a pinned debit card?
  • Are the balances set up correctly in order to process the request?
  • If there are multiple CPs, does every CP have their own obligation?

Arrearage Computation:

  • Does the PAID match what has been paid on CFRR, CFPL, and KR20?
  • Is everything in the correct columns?
  • Are the private and state time frames correct?
  • If there are adjustments on the CSIadj tab, and are notes provided as to why?