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Creating an A/C for Additional CPs

To  create Arrearage Computations (A/C) for additional custodial parents (CPs) on a case, complete the following steps:

  1. Set Monthly Amounts Due

    When entering amounts on the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab, enter data for the entire A/C time frame and not just the custody time period for a particular custodial person (CP).  From the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab, enter CP 01 in the CP specific field (top left purple field). Then enter the monthly amounts for the CP’s custody time period, taking into consideration payee and monthly amount changes. The first entry in the “Month” column will be the start date from the “SetAmtOwed” tab. Enter the amounts due in the proper column for the CP. If the CP did not have custody for any time period, enter the beginning month and year in the “Month” column and a $0.00 in the “Child Support” amount due column.

    Note: It is only possible to enter monthly amounts owed into the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab for one CP at a time.

  2. Payments

    After entering the monthly amounts due, proceed to the “BaseCP” tab. Information will already be populated on this tab from the “BaseCsi” and “SetCPAmtOwed” tabs. Information that will automatically post includes:

    1. Header information
    2. Start and end date of the A/C
    3. CP specific monthly amounts owed
    4. Payments applied toward a particular CP’s balances

    Some information will have to be manually entered into the specified tabs below. This information includes:

    “CPAdj” tab

    • CFPL paymentsWhen the CP sequence is not listed on CFPL, use the “CPAdj” tab to manually apply CFPL payments by CP (otherwise, these payments will be reflected on the “BaseCsi” tab only). Review the CFPL Total Payments Section on the “Payments (CFPL)” tab.
    • KR20 payments
    • Interest payments prior to June 2006

    “BaseCP” tab

    • CP’s portion of judgments
  3. Saving the A/C for CP 01

    After completing the BaseCP worksheet for CP 01, go to “File” and select “Save As.” Save the entire workbook (e.g., [FGN}<space>[NCP Last Name]). Once saved, calculate balances for the next CP.

  4. Creating a Worksheet for Additional CPs

    To begin a worksheet for CP 02, open the A/C and click on the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab. Enter CP 02 in the purple highlighted field located in the upper left hand corner of the worksheet. Follow steps 1 and 2 for the next CP.

    Note:  When this worksheet is opened it will have data from the previous CP already populated. This data will need to be removed. To remove this data, highlight the cells and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

    WARNING:  Do NOT delete the actual cell, only the contents within the cell.

  5. Saving the A/C for CP 02 and subsequent CPs

    This A/C does not support separate worksheets for multiple CPs in one A/C. Save CP 02’s worksheet as a separate document by completing the following steps:

    1. Left click on the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab and press the shift key.
    2. Click on the “BaseCP” tab in order to select both tabs.
    3. Right click on the two tabs and select the “Move or Copy” function; this will open up a dialogue box, which shows “To book.”
    4. Use the down arrow to find additional options and select “(new book).”
    5. Click in the box next to “Create a copy” to put a check in it.
    6. Click “OK.”

    This will open the CP 02 worksheet as a new and separate A/C. In order to save this file, click on “File” and select “Save As.” The recommendation is to save this file in the same style as the A/C, noting the additional CP (e.g., [FGN]<space>[NCP Last Name]<space>CP02).

    After saving the new worksheet for CP 02, go back to the Master A/C and close it without saving changes.


    WARNING:  Saving changes to the Master A/C after the CP 02 information has been entered will overwrite CP 01’s information. Essentially, the Master A/C with CP 01’s information has been left intact and an additional document for CP 02’s information has been added.

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.