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Creating an E-Signature

To submit an online form, you may need to use an e-signature or obtain multiple e-signatures.

Create an e-signature

To create an e-signature in a fillable form, first place your cursor in the area with the red tag which is located above the signature line. The “Sign Document” window will automatically open.

Signature line with signature fillable portion highlighted.

Your e-signature should be created automatically and all you now need to do is press “Sign”.

The sign document window with e-signature information displayed.

Your e-signature appears in the signature area.

The completed e-signature.

Save your e-document

The next step is to save a copy of your file. To do this, select the save icon on the top left corner or go to File>Save as…, create or replace the file name with one that you can remember and find easily, and press “Save”.

Multiple signatures by sending an email

For some forms you may need to get multiple signatures. For example, you may need the signature of your Managing Attorney or Office Manager. To do this, send an email to the individual you need the signature from and attach your signed file.

An example of multiple e-signatures that may be required.

One of two things will happen after you get the other signature you need. The individual you send the form to for signature may go ahead and submit the form themselves.

Or, the individual may send the form back to you. If this happens, you will need to attach and submit your form by email or use the “Submit by email” button.

Send a form by using the “Submit by email” button

Press the “Submit by email” button at the end of the form.

The “submit by email” button.

Choose the “Default email application (Microsoft Outlook)” option. A new email box shows up with information automatically filled and the file attached. All you need to do now is press “Send” and your form is submitted.

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