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Email in OSIS: Viewing or Updating Customer Email Addresses

Recording, updating, and viewing email addresses for CSS customers involves the following screens:

  • ASA – CSED Case Address Listing. Shows Address Types and their associated addresses.
  • ASAE – CSS Case Email Listing. Displays email addresses for a FGN by Address Type.
  • ASAEA – CSS Detail Email Update. Add or update an email address for a particular address type.

Use M [screen name] to access T-user for detailed instructions about a screen.
OSIS can retain one email address for each of the following Address Types:

  • 01 — AP MAILING (requires APN)
  • 06 — AP WC COMP INS CO (requires APN)
  • 07 — AP WC INS ATTORNEY (requires APN)
  • 08 — AP WC EMPLOYER (requires APN)
  • 09 — AP WC ATTORNEY (requires APN)
  • 15 — AP ATTORNEY (requires APN)
  • 18 — BP ATTORNEY (requires APN)
  • 19 — BP MAILING (requires APN)
  • 20 — CP MAILING (requires APN and CP sequence)
  • 23 — CP ATTORNEY (requires APN and CP sequence)
  • 32 — AP PI INSURANCE CO (requires APN)
  • 33 — AP PI CLAIMANT ATTY (requires APN)


When a CP updates an email address on the EPPIC website, ASAE will update one day later. While an email address that has been updated is moved to History, there is not a way to view old email addresses at this time.

OSIS does not verify whether an email address is valid. OSIS only checks that a “@” symbol is present, and allows only one “@” per entry.

Viewing Email Addresses

To view email addresses for a FGN, access the ASA screen as shown below and press PF7 (F7) to arrive at the ASAE screen.
OSIS screen: ASA. The prompt to press PF7 Email Address is highlighted.

If no email addresses are recorded for this FGN, the ASAE screen will look like this:
OSIS screen: ASAE. The prompt indicating no email addresses found for the FGN is highlighted.

Otherwise, the ASAE screen will list email addresses by Address Type. Press PF3 (F3) to return to the ASA screen.

Updating Email Addresses

Use the ASAEA screen to add or update email addresses by particular Address Type. The list of Address Types that can record an email address is in the first section of this article, which includes each Address Type’s required numbers.

The access structure looks like this (with a space between each part of the entry):
ASAEA [Address Type] [APN or FGN] [CP Sequence]
Selecting an email address (with an “S”) in ASAE will present it in ASAEA to be updated as well.
In the following example this was typed into the ASAE screen: ASAEA 01 900315

“01” is the Address Type AP MAILING. “900315” is the APN.
OSIS screen: ASAEA

Use the Tab key to enter new email address and to identify “Source:”. Next, press PF5 (F5) to save the entry. Press PF3 (F3) to return to ASAE.
OSIS screen: ASAEA. The entries for the email address and the Source code are highlighted.

To delete an email address, bring that address into the ASAEA screen, and then press PF6 (F6) to delete it. Press PF3 to return to ASAE.
OSIS screen: ASAEA. The prompt to press PF6 Delete is highlighted.


OSIS screen: ASAEA. The indication