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Curbside Genetic Testing Process

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CSS has implemented curbside genetic testing (GT). This follows a drive up and test model which adheres to social distancing as recommended by the CDC and Oklahoma Department of Health. CSS has contracted with LabCorp and only certified collectors will be conducting specimen collections. CSS’s curbside genetic test model promotes safety for staff and customer alike by reducing contact exposure. As an added benefit, curbside testing offers more site locations and greater scheduling flexibility.


  • Offices will schedule GT appointments using IdentiLink.
    • The system will select a location closest to the customer’s address.
    • 1st choice will be the nearest LabCorp location
    • 2nd choice will be the nearest curbside location
    • Office must use the comments section to request a specific curbside location
  • Unless, designated otherwise in the IdentiLink System, the appointments will be scheduled sequentially at 15 minute intervals.
    The office must specify in the comments section if a specific time is preferred.
  • Use the comments section for all special instructions, requests or important information such as family violence.
    • When the appointment confirmation has been received from LabCorp, the office MUST update the GT appointment information in HEARL.
    • CARE will refer to information on HEARL for customer inquiries. The P513 (Genetic Test Appointment Letter) will pull info from HEARL.
  • Update the case log with appointment information

Appointment Paperwork

  • Include a “tip sheet” with what to expect when customers arrive for their appointment.
    • Customer Curbside Tips are located in the Paternity & Establishment Teams Genetic Testing channel.
    • Customize a curbside tip sheet to meet your curbside location needs.
  • Include a “ticket” for the customer to place on the dash or hang from the rearview mirror for the Collector to easily identify GT customers.
  • Use the black & white template to print with colored paper.

Download the Curbside Genetic Test Documents


  • Place signage so customers know where to locate the collector and/or the reserved parking spots.
    Detailed instructions may be provided on the P513 Genetic Test Appointment letter.
  • The collector will ask the customer to state their name and reason for appearance.
  • The collector will follow LabCorp procedures for documentation & collection.

Join the Paternity & Establishment Team for access to a map of genetic testing location, curbside testing schedules, tips and more.  This link will open the Microsoft Teams application and take you to the Paternity and Establishment Team