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Genetic Testing: Paternity Challenges and Who Pays

Legal authority:

When there has been a challenge to paternity and genetic testing is required, the challenging party is responsible for the cost of genetic testing.

Challenge of genetic test results

If a party challenges the results of genetic testing or if the previous genetic test identifies a man as the father of a child, the court or Department of Human Services (DHS) may not order additional testing unless the challenging party provides payment in advance for the testing.

Challenge of Acknowledged and Presumed paternity

The challenging party shall be responsible for advancing the cost of genetic testing to disprove parentage.

What to charge and how to send

In order for CSS to schedule and/or oversee the genetic testing, the parties are required to complete an application for a full service child support case. See quest article Non IV-D Cases and Genetic Testing: How to Proceed.

The challenging party will need to obtain a money order for the cost of the genetic test. If the testing is being done at a LabCorp facility or by a contract collector, the cost is $69.00 per person to be tested. If the sample(s) is obtained by CSS staff witnessed collection, the cost is $31.00 per person to be tested.

When there has been a proper challenge to paternity and the court has ordered additional genetic testing, CSS will schedule genetic testing and obtain the genetic testing cost prior to the genetic test. Payments can be mailed to the address below and must include the office LabCorp account number and the LabCorp case number.

Lab Corp
Attn: Paternity Billing, Glenda Brown
PO Box 8029
Burlington, NC 27215-8029

Payments can also be included in the packet containing the sample and chain of custody being mailed to LabCorp.