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Documents used in Civil Contempt Cases

Below are lists of Mandatory and optional documents used to assist in Civil contempt cases.

Mandatory Documents required

  • Income and asset information
  • Evidence of disability, incarceration, TANF, SSI, or bankruptcy
  • Custody information
  • Determination on whether to modify
  • Determination on attorney representation
  • Legal review for contempt by State’s Attorney

Optional Documents

  • Contempt User Guide
  • CC16, Cover Letter – CP Request for Information
  • CC17, Cover Letter – NCP Pre-Contempt Asset Questionnaire
  • RINCOV, Cover Letter – NCP Request for Information
  • RINCP, NCP Request for Information
  • District Court docket sheet(s)
  • Order Modification/Multi-Modification (optional)
  • Annual Notice(optional)
  • Contempt Pleading Packet (CC1) (optional)
  • Record of Payments (optional)
  • Affidavit of Payments(A02) (optional)
  • Purge Calculation Worksheet (optional)
  • Investigator Sheet (G04) (optional)
  • Affidavit of Service (GN3) (optional)
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt (GN6) (optional)
  • Acknowledgment of Notice of Rights on Civil Contempt Citation (CC9) (optional)
  • Waiver of Rights on Contempt Citation (CC3) (optional)
  • Contempt Failure to Appear Order (CC10) (optional)
  • Bench Warrant (CC4) (optional)
  • Motion to Disburse Bond or Purge Fee (CC6)(optional)
  • Sentencing Order (CC8) (optional)