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Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) Process

This document shows the legal criteria and a process checklist for the ‘Notice of Intent to Revoke’ (NOIR) license review process. The NOIR process is also represented in a NOIR Flowchart — from probation to reinstatement.

NOTE: Drivers licenses are no longer eligible for revocation/probation.

NOIR Criteria

  1. Only partial payments were applied toward a court ordered payment plan during the last 90 days; or
  2. NCP failed to obtain/maintain health insurance pursuant to the court order; or
  3. Arrearages equal to or greater than 90 days support; or
  4. After receiving appropriate notice, failure to comply with subpoena or orders relating to paternity or child support proceedings.

When any one of the above criteria occurs, the Oklahoma Support Information System (OSIS) automatically displays the message, “License suspension criteria met” on the AWL screen.


  • Review the noncustodial parents (NCP) address, Social Security Number (SSN) data, & NOIR criteria (ASA/FCR/LOGI)
    • If NCP is not located, perform locate actions
  • Update APEU screen
  • Pull and organize/clean case file
  • Complete arrearage computation (A/C)
  • Verify/Update PTDFU with original order style
  • Add hearing info to HEARA and Oklahoma Administrative Hearings (OAH) – 6 weeks+ out
  • Print, file in OAH, and serve parties with:
    • Notice of Licensing Hearing (GN1 – General NOH)
    • Notice of Intent to Revoke/Suspend Licenses (LIC3)
  • Print and keep in file until court day:
    • License Order (on Adobe LiveCycle [ALC] or Oklahoma Support Information System [OSIS])
    • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) forms, and/or the Hunting and Fishing License Revocation form (on ALC)
    • Affidavit of Service (Use GN3 (J if Dist. Ct.) and G04U/G04CPU (if personal service) for the NCP/CP)
    • Request to Docket (GN4)
    • Statement of Judgment (GN9)
    • Certificate of Mailing (G01A)
  • Serve NCP by certified restricted mail; if AOR, send by regular mail
  • Serve custodial parent (CP) by regular mail to address of record (AOR)