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Duties of the Responding State

Legal Authority: 45 CFR §  303.7(d)

43 O.S. § 601-305 Powers And Duties Of Responding Tribunal

UIFSA lays out specific duties for the Responding tribunal and Oklahoma has adopted this into our state statutes.

Below is a list of duties that are required by UIFSA for the Responding State in intergovernmental cases.

  • Establish or enforce a support order, modify a child support order or determine parentage of a child;
  • Order an obligor to comply with a support order, specifying the amount and the manner of compliance;
  • Order income withholding
  • Determine the amount of any arrearages, and specify a method of payment;
  • Enforce orders by civil or criminal contempt, or both;
  • Set aside property for satisfaction of the support order;
  • Place liens and order execution on the obligor’s property
  • Order an obligor to keep the tribunal informed or the obligor’s current residential address, electronic mail address, telephone number, employer, address of employment, and telephone number at place of employment;
  • Issue a bench warrant for an obligor who has failed after proper notice to appear at a hearing ordered by the tribunal and enter the bench warrant in any local and state computer systems for criminal warrants;
  • Order the obligor to seek appropriate employment by specified methods;
  • Award reasonable attorney’s fees and other fees and costs; and
  • Grant any other available remedy.