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Employers & IWOs

Employers & Income Withholding Orders (IWOs)

There are some circumstances where employer errors may result in a Child Support Services (CSS) overpayment. However, not all employer errors can be accommodated by CSS. The following outlines several scenarios that frequently occur.

        1. Employer submits incorrect amount (employer error),
        2. Employer submits receipt to Oklahoma in error, OR
        3. Employer submits receipt, but non-custodial parent (NCP) is no longer employed
          Determine whether the receipt was retained or issued. If the receipt was retained, submit a Finance Action Request (FAR) requesting a refund to the employer for the overage. However, if the receipt has already been issued to another party, CSS will not refund the overage to the employer and create a bad debt because this was not a CSS error. See Policy 340:25-5-350.1 (3).

          Note: If the receipt has not been logged, or it is the same day the receipt is logged, call the Center for Finance and Budget (CFB) (for these types of urgent requests, anyone in CFB can assist. Please do not rely on voicemails or emails, make personal contact). CFB will be able to stop the issuance as long as contact is made prior to or the same day the receipt is logged.

          CSS Customer Service (CARE) will contact the District Office directly and if request is appropriate, the worker will contact CFB for expedited processing.

        4. Employer ID’s payment to incorrect NCP
          Submit an FAR and request the receipt(s) be moved to the correct NCP.
        5. Multiple Employers/Multiple IWO result in collecting more than court ordered payment plan (CSS system issue)

Currently OSIS will send multiple IWOs to employers if certain criterion is met. When this occurs, CSS could collect more than the court ordered payment plan amount. If it is determined that this has occurred, send an FAR to request that the amount over the payment plan be refunded, and if necessary an overpayment will be created.