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EPOC and Meeting CSS Goals

It is vitally important to update the finding and finding date fields on EPOC with the appropriate code and date, if applicable.  The CSS Performance Credit (CSPC) screen pulls this data to calculate paternity actions, which help us to meet CSS goals. Please see the screenshot below for the location of the finding and finding date fields, as well as field input options.

EPOC Osis screen.


Finding Code Description
FE Alleged father excluded
GA Pending adoption
GR Paternity establishment not in the best interest of the child
PT Positive genetic test
PP Pending Paternity Action
SA Child reached age of majority
VA Voluntary acknowledgement
DE Default Finding

Note: Not all finding codes require a finding date be entered. If a finding date is required, use the date of the action (i.e. date of positive genetic test results, date Acknowledgment of Paternity signed).