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Explaining the VRPAT Process

Legal Authority:

56 O. S. § 238.6B Service of Notice of Paternity and Support Obligations – Acknowledgements – Genetic Tests
OAC 340:2-28-57 Certification of copies of administrative orders

Oklahoma Law at 56 O.S. §238.6B(D) requires Child Support Services (CSS) to notify the Oklahoma Department of Health, Division of Vital Records of all Paternity establishments so that the legal father can be added to the child’s Birth Certificate.  CSS accomplishes this be providing Vital Records a certified copy of the Paternity Orders, and the VRPAT form.  The VRPAT summarizes the key information within the Paternity Order so that birth certificates can be efficiently updated.

CSS will also request that birth certificate registrars in states other than Oklahoma to update birth records when CSS establishes paternity.  The VRPAT includes the state of the child’s birth, so that staff at Center for Coordinated Programs (CCP) will know where to send the Paternity Order and VRPAT when a child is not born in Oklahoma.

At the time of case initiation, the Case Initiation Center makes every attempt to determine a child’s state of birth and to update the DCN for the child.  Because CSS will be sending the Paternity Order and VRPAT to all 50 states, it is very important to make sure that child’s state of birth information is gathered from the parents and custodians.  When a Parentage Questionnaire is returned, the state of birth of the child should be added to the child’s DCN.  The state of birth of the father should be added to the fathers DCN.  The interaction with the parents at the time of genetic testing or court dates could be another time to ensure that state of birth information is gathered.

Using Adobe Live Cycle (ALC), generate the P35 – Order Regarding Parentage and Support Obligation. The VRPAT – Vital Records Paternity Notice is an associated document of the P35 and will automatically print if not deselected.  A VRPAT form is required for each child on the order in which paternity has been established. To generate additional VRPAT forms select the VRPAT document and enter the required key values as requested in the key variable section, paying attention to enter the appropriate child sequence number if multiple children need a VRPAT form.

When a paternity order has been obtained, send a certified copy to the Center for Coordinated Programs (CCP) with the VRPAT form(s) included with the order. You can provide the VRPAT packet to CCP either by regular mail or electronically.

It is the responsibility of each CSS district office to submit a properly completed parentage order and VRPAT form to CCP. CCP is responsible for reviewing the parentage orders and VRPAT forms for the necessary and correct information before delivering them to Vital Records. Vital Records will reject anything with missing or incorrect information and birth certificates will not be updated.

View a CSVRPAT example.

Electronic Submission to CCP: 

Department of Vital Records does not accept documents electronically.  However, you can still submit Paternity orders and VRPAT cover sheet (with the cover sheet G09) to * for delivery to CCP via Interoffice Mail (no postage option). The mail department will print your documents and deliver to CCP with the Center’s mail.

Tips for successful electronic submission.

  • Include a file stamped and certified copy of the order. (Detailed instructions explaining what is needed for a VRPAT packet are below in “Regular Mail Submission”.)
  • Complete the VRPAT using ALC with child’s state of birth completed, for each child in the order.
  • Complete the G09, using the “User-Entered Address” field and enter CSS/STO/VRPAT.
  • In the subject line of the email to mail services: CSS/STO/VRPAT
  • In the body of the email (IN BOLD RED TEXT) include the following language:

Please staple documents together – no envelope required.  Please deliver to Child Support STO, 4th floor, Sequoyah building.

Regular mail submission to CCP:

  1. Obtain certified, file-stamped copy of paternity order.
  2. Staple the VRPAT form(s) to the paternity order. Do not paper clip, use binder clips, or use rubber bands.
  3. The Order and the VRPAT must have the full and complete name of the child, mother, and father. If any names do not match, then Vital Records will most likely reject the birth certificate update. Please check the accuracy of names to avoid Child Support doing an order Nunc Pro Tunc.
  4. Provide the child’s state of birth. (Note: Without the child’s state of birth, CCP will not know where to send the Paternity Order for updating the birth certificate.).
  5. A separate VRPAT is needed for each child. For multiple children in one Paternity Order, only one order is needed. Staple all the VRPATS to the front of the Order.
  6. Oklahoma’s Vital Records Division can update Oklahoma Birth Certificates for children born in Oklahoma.

CCP will send Paternity orders for children not born in Oklahoma to the appropriate state’s Registrar of Vital Records or other agency responsible for maintaining and updating birth certificates.

  1. On the VRPAT (but not in OSIS) please use 999-99-9999 for the father’s Social Security Number when it is unknown. Use 888-88-8888 for the Social Security Number for fathers not born in the US and without a SSN. This numbering system makes a difference in the Vital Records computer system.
  2. It is permitted to send older but still valid Paternity Orders and a VRPAT. It is also permissible to send a Paternity Disestablishment Order and a VRPAT. (If the Disestablishment is ordered at a time different than paternity establishment for a different father, the best practice is to hold the Disestablishment Order and send it in at the same time as the Paternity establishment Order.
  3. Send VRPATS and Orders to:

Center for Coordinated Programs
P.O. Box 248822
Oklahoma City, OK 73124-8822

If you need more information, please reach out to

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