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Links to Acknowledgement of Paternity Forms

The Family & Establishment Services Office, an office within the Center for Coordinated Programs, is responsible for processing Acknowledgments of Paternity (03PA209E), and its associated documents, when they are sent in from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Division of Vital Records. The associated paternity documents are as follows (On the page that opens, scroll down to find the number of the form you are looking for. E.g., 03PA208E.pdf):

When Acknowledgments of Paternity (AOPs) are received from Vital Records, they are file-stamped in the State Office mailroom with a date received stamp.  Generally, AOPs are then processed by Family & Establishment Services Office staff in the order they are received.  However, the Family & Establishment Services Office maintains an Access database entitled the Incoming AOP Database, which includes all AOPs received in Coordinated Programs. CSS staff should search this database by the child’s first name if they are working an establishment case with a suspected AOP.