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FIDM Flowchart

Use this flowchart to follow the Financial Institution Data Match process. There is a written explanation of the chart below.

FIDM flowchart visualized.

FIDM Flowchart Description

This is a description of the steps to the FIDM process that are depicted in the flowchart.


The process begins with the manual and/or the automatic FIDM received via email from Coordinated Programs. Verify Data Match through OSIS screens, to include the following: Name; DOB; Jurisdiction; Account Type; Account Owner; Pay Status; A/C (if no BVD). Use these screens: FCR; FCRFIDM; ASUP; PTDFU; CFRRX; CSEA; CSEAS; LOGI.

Question: Proceed with Levy?

If no: update OSIS screens (DOCL, CSLOGA, LENL, CSEAS), pull documents (if automated, pull F02 and F06), and the process is complete.

If Yes: the NCP is notified three days AFTER levy. NCP has fifteen days to dispute. Update LENL. Review dispute within three days. Obtain evidence and present to States’ Attorney (bank statements, etc., F08 and F10).

Question: FIDM Remains?

If no: if FIDM is released, complete and fax forms, update OSIS (F10 to bank, F08 to NCP if partial release. Update CSLOGA, LENL), then the process is complete.

If yes: send F08 to NCP, who has twenty days to dispute.

Question: is FIDM disputed again?

Either the funds are released in twenty days, or proceed with Hearing. Update OSIS screens/court documents (HEARA/LENL, print/file/mail GN1, update A/C, give F10 and F16 to States’ Attorney.

Question: FIDM Released?

If yes: complete F10 and fax to bank. Update screens and upload copy to OnBase (update CSLOGA, LENL), and the process is complete.

FIDM Criteria

  • Order open for six months or more
  • Owes ninety or more days in arrears
  • No criteria

Legal Authority: