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Finance Potential Telework Reports

Finance is already uniquely suited for telework — we can build & update obligations, work UNDL and PNDL, and complete ACs, etc. But, if you are working from home and feeling pretty caught up, or need to assign yourself or team some different tasks — there are some very cool finance reports that can be worked!

Please check with your office management to verify if they want you to work this list. Do not work this list without your supervisor’s permission. If they have told you to work on something else, please work on that.

These reports can improve your Line 2 reporting, reduce your collectables (spousal), and create worklists for interest only cases and more!  These aren’t new reports, but reports that could use some attention! The report name and descriptions are below. Additionally, we have also pulled together slides from past Dollars & Sense presentations calling the document Potential Telework Reports Info to help you out.

This could be a good time to clear out some financial cobwebs (after you done your assigned finance chores of course).

Potential Telework Reports
Name Report Contents Frequency
CS921 Cases that were not reported on Line 2 and reason M – Monthly
P – Last Year (from the end of the last quarter)
CS898M01 Interest only cases M – Monthly
CS898M02 Cases with Bypass Auto Close flag set M – Monthly
CE634M01 Cases with spousal balances, no c/s due M – Monthly
CE634M02 Cases with spousal on CSPAYI, no spousal due M – Monthly

If you have any questions – just let your Finance PFR know.