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Using Existing DNA Samples on File with LabCorp

CSS can request the use of DNA samples that are on file with LabCorp per policy 340:25-5-176 and ITS 6. (a), (b).

In the case of a customer requesting use of a previous sample:

If a customer has previously submitted to genetic testing, the customer may request that sample be used for another case. The customer will need to complete the Permission to Reuse GT Sample (PPERM) form found on ALC.

By signing the form, the customer will not have to test again if the sample on file is sufficient to complete the test. Re-using existing DNA samples also reduces the cost of the genetic test.

CSS may also coordinate with LabCorp and Child Welfare to use existing DNA samples for children in DHS custody.

Although CSS has no policy specific to this scenario, it can be accomplished with the following:

The child welfare case worker will need to send an email to *  requesting the use of an existing sample. The email needs to state the case worker is an employee with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the child(ren)’s name(s) and date(s) of birth, that the child(ren) are in DHS custody and child welfare is authorizing LabCorp to use the existing sample(s) obtained on the CSS case, to complete genetic testing for the CW case.  The PFR will notify LabCorp that CSS consents to the use of the existing samples.