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How to Build a Cash Medical Overpayment

  1. The first step to building a Cash Medical Overpayment is going to CFRB or CFRBX to get the date the
    payment applied to the case and sequence number. These are two things you will need to build on OVPA.

    CFRBX screen showing the date the payment applied to the case and sequence number 

  2. Then you will go to OVPA to add your overpayment and hit F2 

    OVPA screen showing addition of overpayment. 

  3. Once you hit F2 all you need to do is place the CP sequence number in and hit enter, which
    will bring all of the CP’s information over.

    OVPACM screen showing sequence number entered and CP’s information added. 

  4. Once this is done, you will add in the entry date of the payment and the entry sequence as
    shown in the example below.

    OVPACM screen showing entry date of payment and entry sequence. 

  5. Once you have all of your receipts in, hit enter. It should show all of the dollar amounts associated with
    those sequence numbers that were just added. You can adjust the dollar amount of the receipt to make up what you
    need as far as dollar amounts under the amount section. It can be used for those last few receipts that might be for
    20.35 but only 16.79 is needed to finish the overpayment amount. When all of this is done hit F8 then place an X at
    the ” ENTER X TO ESTABLISH OPR OBLIGATION ==>“ then hit enter and your obligation will be