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How to File a Proof of Claim in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

This document outlines the steps necessary to prepare and file a Proof of Claim in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.

  1. When CSS receives notice of the bankruptcy, prepare a Record of Payments (ROP) through the month the bankruptcy was filed. Redact child(ren)’s names (use initials only) and use only the year for the child(ren)’s DOB. Use only the last four digits of any Social Security Number.
  2. Scan and save the ROP as a PDF document. Either forward to for filing of the Proof of Claim (POC) or proceed on your own.
  3. Go to the Bankruptcy court’s website to see if the assigned bankruptcy court participates in electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) filing.
    1. All Oklahoma districts allow electronic filing.
    2. Most other states also allow electronic filing. Go to the website for the state and district bankruptcy court. Most have a link for electronic filing of a claim. You may use the search function or check under the “Creditor” tab for filing of a claim.
  4. When filing an ePOC, follow the directions on the court website and be sure to properly attach the ROP as an exhibit. Do NOT submit a PDF copy of a Proof of Claim as the ePOC form creates the Proof of Claim for you.
  5. If the bankruptcy court where the case is filed does not participate in electronic POC filing.
    1. Check for instructions on the court’s website for the mailing address or information from the court clerk’s office as some may allow for email or fax.
    2. Use the POC form from the court’s website to be sure it is the most current version.
    3. Attach a copy of the redacted ROP.
  6. For more detailed instructions, see the Bankruptcy POC Training User Guide on the Infonet under Education & Training/Enforcement.
In a Chapter 13 case, deadlines for filing a claim are listed. Although governmental entities have 180 days (six months) from the time the bankruptcy case is filed in which to file a claim, it is recommended that a claim be prepared and filed as soon as possible, perhaps 30‐45 days.