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How to Navigate the Performance Credit Dashboard

The Dashboard is a tool that can be used to easily measure our metrics. There are two ways to access this dashboard:

  1. In OSIS, type CSPC (space) MMYY (space) Office
    Code Example: CPSC 1120 OKC

    *Note: The office code is optional on CSPC. If no office code is entered, CSPC will default to statewide totals.

  2. You can type in CSPCL (space) MMYY
    Example: CSPCL 1123

    *Note: The month and year are optional. If the month and year are not entered, it will show a list of all months, starting with the most current. If a specific month and year are entered, it will display that selection first, and then give a list of previous months.

CSPC has two pages. The first page shows totals for paternity results, orders established, medical order establishment, medical order enforcement, and collection of current support. The second page shows totals for modification reviews. To get to the second page of CSCP, press the F2 key. To return back to the first page, hit F2 again.

Image of the first page of the CSPC screen.

Image of the second page of the CSPC screen.

Below, day-by-day information can viewed for the current month, through the previous business day. To scroll day-by-day in the current month, press the F7 key (previous day) and the F8 key (next day). It is important to remember day-by-day information is only available in the current month. Once the month ends, you will only be able to view the monthly totals.

Image of the first page of the CSPC screen with the directions for paging through the days highlighted.

As seen below, to view monthly totals, press the F5 key (previous month) and F6 key (next month). The monthly totals are through the last business day of month.

Image of the CSPC screen with the directions for paging through the months highlighted.

CSPCL allows the user to select certain criteria to view. This allows the user to view information for an entire region, multiple offices, and/or specific months. The user will go the month they want to view, type in “CSPC” and choose what office(s) or region(s). This can be done by entering the office code(s) under individual offices, or a “Y” after the region.

Image of the CSPCL screen.

Once the criteria has been selected, press Enter and it will pull that criteria on CSPC. The user will then be able to navigate through the dashboard as previously explained.