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How to Process a Bank Levy

By using the following steps you can learn how to seize bank account funds for failure to pay child support.

  1. The child support computer database analyzes cases to determine when a case meets the criteria for a bank levy. When the following criteria are met, bank levy notices will issue unless pulled by the case specialist:
    • 90 days of arrears
    • No bankruptcy
    • Case active for more than 6 months

    Once the criteria are met, the case is put onto an electronic file that is sent via email every Thursday to the local offices from the State Office FIDM Coordinator. The office has two options:

    1. Allowing the levy to occur, or
    2. Stop the levy by pulling it.
  2. Review the Case
    The computer analyzer has already reviewed the case and determined it meets the basic criteria for a levy. However, the computer database does not have the capabilities to recognize when the NCP is on TANF. Use the checklist to review the case thoroughly to determine if a levy is necessary.
  3. Option 1: Allowing the levy to occur.
    If the levy is to occur, add a case log documenting that the case was reviewed. For example: “FIDM: reviewed case for FIDM. Case meets criteria. No further action required.”
  4. Option 2: Stop the levy by pulling it.
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, some customers may be unable to pay as ordered or have means-based income. One example is NCPs on TANF. Pulling the levy is a logical choice if you find that the NCP is in need of a modification or other remedy to reduce the NCPs monthly payments. Follow the instructions in the diagram to pull the levy. Add a case log once the decision has been made to pull the levy. For example, “FIDM: levy pulled. NCP in need of modification instead.”
    For NCPs on means-based income, suppression can be made in the database to prevent future bank levies from automatically occurring. Discuss this option with your supervisor for assistance in suppressing levies in the CSEAS screen.

In the booklet “A Guide to Processing Bank Levies,” checklists, screenshots, and further explanation of the procedures are simplified. This booklet can be found in the CSS State Office public drive at P:\CSS Training 2017\Enforcement\FIDM Processing – Lync\Training Materials\Current .

Click FIDM Flowchart and Checklist

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