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How to View Debit Card Information – Step by Step Information

First go to the EPCPI screen for CP information or the EPAPI screen for NCP information (type EPCPI/EPAPI next to the CP/NCP) this will display the original date the account was created and where the card was sent.

EPCPI Screen with highlighting NCP information.

From the EPCPI/EPAPI screen hit F1; this will display when the card was pinned, returned, reissued (PRI CD: field) and again where the card was sent.

EPCPI Screen with date card was pinned, returned and reissued.

EPCPI Screen with date card was sent.

The KI1 screen  (type KI1 at NEXT) will display how a payment was issued :

Type CSWI then ENTER next the warrant/payment you are wanting to view.

KI1 Screen with how payment was issued.


This will show how the payment issued (EBS, Direct Deposit, etc.)

CSWI Screen shows next warrant/payment issued.


Payment Options for Customers

Customers have the option of receiving payments on Debit Card (MasterCard) or Direct Deposit.

There are actually four ways that our customers can sign up for direct deposit.

  1. Call the automated telephone systems at 888-929-2460.
  2. Go online to [If they’ve never registered their card online, they would have to create a new user ID and password.  A pinned Oklahoma MasterCard debit card is required for this process because the numbers from both the front and back of the card would need to be entered.]  Then, they could set up the “transfer of funds” (or direct deposit) by entering the bank account information.
  3. Use the mobile phone application, Go Program Way 2GO.
  4. Download the Oklahoma Direct Deposit Form from


As of October 2019, for NEW EPC accounts only, our customers have the option of creating direct deposit before they ever receive a card.  The account must have been created first (by CSS sending the first payment to Conduent).  The customer will go to Way2Go Card and set up the direct deposit.


Image of Login for Way2Go Card.


CS Debit Card How To 3/21/2018