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Income Assignment Notice Error Worklist (IANE Screen)

IANE OSIS screen with the following fields highlighted: NCP name and FGN, Employer sequence, name and FEIN, Case status and Priority, Interstate referral type, and Error Message Number and Error Message.


The IANE screen is a list of cases that would be eligible for income assignments but there is an error on the case preventing the income assignment from generating.

The screen may be accessed by either office or worker.  To access the IANE screen from a blank screen or the next line type:

IANE OFFICE CODE (IANE STO) to access the list by office or IANE UNUMBER (IANE U11111) to access by worker.

The error messages displayed are designed to inform workers that some type of action is necessary on a case for an income assignment to be created.

For example, the first case in the above example shows that the NCP is Lighting McQueen.  The error message is 06 FGN PAY REC AMOUNTS ARE ZEROES. SEE CSPAYI. The income assignment that was attempted to be sent out was on employer sequence 032 Express Services.

If the worker looked at the CSPAYI screen for this case they would see that all the amounts show 0.00.  This tells the worker that the income assignment did not go out because there is no amount for the system to print on the income assignment. The worker would then need to research the case to determine the next actions to take. If there are balances on the case they may need to check the order to see if it contains language for continuation of support and if it does they would need to get the obligation updated to reflect that information.  They may need to do an annual notice or NOPI to set up a judgment payment.

The IAMSI screen will give you more information about the error messages.

To access the IAMSI screen from a blank screen or the next line type IAMSI Error code message number (IAMSI 01) and press enter.


IAMSI OSIS screen.


The IAMSI screen allows workers to view information related to the IANE message.  It gives the number of days that a message may be suppressed. It will show if the message will display on work messages and/or information messages.  It will show the message that was displayed on the IANI screen. The WORKER ACTION displays the action for the worker to take when this message is displayed.

Once the worker determines what needs to be done on the case they can either delete the message or suppress the message (if applicable).  A message may need to be suppressed to allow the worker time to research and/or correct the reason for the error. In the example that we have been looking at we decided to do a NOPI. Now the message can be deleted. On the IANE screen tab down next to message that we want to delete and type a D and hit enter.  If this was a message that you are wanted to suppress, enter S next to the message. The message will suppress for the amount time shown for that message on the IAMSI screen.  If the message number is not eligible to be suppressed and you attempt to suppress it an error message will show: MESSAGE XXXX CANNOT BE SUPRESSED, ONLY DELETED.


IANE screen with a D next to McQueen, Lightning. The D is circled.


There are two additional functions that can be done on the IANE screen. If you press the F5 key the list will be cases that have an outgoing interstate referral with a verified employer greater than 60 days, that no payments have been received on.  These are cases the worker would want to review to see if payments have been received by the other state and determine if an outgoing referral is still needed.

The other additional function is the done by pressing the F6 key.  This will provide a list of cases that an income assignment did not issue on due to reasons that the worker may want to review but does not necessarily need anything done on the cases.  For example here are two the error message numbers that display on this screen and actions that the worker may take:

  • 11  CASE HAS POTENTIAL CLOSURE REASON – the worker would want to check the CSCU screen for the closure reason and check that it is appropriate
  • 14 NEW OR 2ND VERIFIED EMPLOYER – the worker would need to verify if the income assignment from the 1st employer is paying the child support amount or they may need to contact the NCP to verify which employer they want the child support to be paid from.

Once the worker has reviewed the case the message can be deleted or suppressed as needed.