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Kindness is Paramount

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.”
Mark Twain

Have you ever wondered why kindness is so important? Has there ever been a time where you thought, “Why does it matter that I be kind to someone else?” In a time where positivity often takes a backseat to the negativity we hear and are presented with on a daily basis, we all tend to ask why kindness truly matters. Let’s take a look at some simple yet profound reasons why kindness is as important as it is and may this empower and inspire you and all of your friends, family, and loved ones today.

Kindness is important because it broadens life’s frame of reference. People use it as a sign of respect to value the receiver. Major religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, exhort the importance of kindness when dealing with fellow man. Christ and Buddha both exhibited kindness and inspired their followers by example.

In a July 2013 commencement speech given at Syracuse University and later published in the New York Times, George Saunders, an American fiction writer, spoke about the importance of kindness. Saunders believes three main convictions limit human kindness. Humans feel central to the universe, and they often act as if their existence is of the utmost importance. They also feel separate from the universe in terms of other beings that live within it, and humans believe they are immortal. Intellectually, humans know these premises are misguided, but they shove the needs of others aside in a search for personal fulfillment. Humans want to be less selfish, communicate more openly, give more freely and enjoy the present moment, but success requires practice.

Thaddeus Golas, the author of “A Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment,” believes kindness is important because “All your words and actions define the world you want to live in.” Kindness leads to a more fulfilling life, it feels good and it fosters kindness in return.

Kindness matters because as a group of humans we have been called man-kind.

Kindness matters because forgiveness liberates not only the forgiven, but also the forgiver.

Kindness matters because warm-hearted people clothe humanity in garments that protect them from catching frostbite – and coldness has a nasty bite.

Kindness matters because smiles a mile wide broaden our horizon and lengthen the cords of strong relationships.

Kindness matters because consideration and the art of considering others first, does as much for the consider-er than the considered – considerably.

Kindness matters because to be humane is to add an ‘e’ to the end of human – and that ‘e’ stands for exceptional.

Kindness matters because sympathetic people are not pathetic. They are simply standing alongside another who has suffered until they are strong enough to once again stand on their own two feet.

Kindness matters because kind acts are the acts of a king and a queen who realize that they have been born for a royal purpose here upon earth – and that is to serve.

Kindness matters because to be unkind is to be less than human. In fact to be unkind is devilish and subnormal.

Kindness matters because to exemplify charitable behavior is to share what you have with another. And in sharing you have opened up the floodgates of heaven which will pour out rich blessings on the one whose generosity has shone.

Can you think of other reasons why kindness matters?

And in this season of love and joy, use this Advent of Kindness Calendar for this month or any month you want to be kind. Kindness examples could be Give someone a hug or compliment; Donate a holiday present to a charity; Tape some money on a vending machine; Smile and thank someone who serves you; Do something unexpected for someone; Put a Thank You sign near the garbage cans for the garbage collectors; and, Send boxes of love to the soldiers, here and abroad.

Image of different acts of kindness for 31 days of a month

Reflect and record how much joy this month brought you and others. Remember that no act of kindness is too small. Come up with your own acts of kindness.