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Multiple Case Action: Completed

After the multiple case action is complete, the multiple case processing office takes the following steps:

  • Within three business days, send a copy of the order by certificate of mailing to the CPs and NCP involved in the multiple case action;
  • Complete a new OAH Notice of Transfer to the original office(s), if necessary;
  • Within three business days of the court entering the order, update the OSIS OBLU finance screens with the new order amounts and ensures an income assignment is generated;
  • Within three business days, send the case file and certified copies of the orders, back to the original office(s); and
  • Updates the OSIS CSCU screen to the office code of the original office.

After the case is transferred back to the original office, the original office dockets the OAH order in its district court, ensures the income assignment was sent, and initiates any other appropriate enforcement actions.

Practice Tip: When one of the multiple cases is a paternity case, one option is for the office with the paternity case to file a paternity action and conduct the genetic test before deciding which office will handle the multiple case modification action.

Practice Tip: If there is already a multiple case action in process with the NCP’s ordered cases, proceed with a Temporary Order on the ordered cases and set a hearing on the final order to include the newly established child. File paternity or establishment actions prior to filing motions to modify on established cases; wait for genetic test results before filing motions to modify.


Legal Authority

OAC 340:25-5-124.4