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Multiple Case Action: Office Assignment and Roles

When an office has determined multiple cases should be worked together and at least one of the cases is in another office, the Managing Attorney (MA) or a designee contacts the other office(s) to coordinate the multiple modification (multiple case action).

The other office(s) must respond within three business days to discuss which office(s) will complete the multiple case action.

The office with the majority of an NCP’s cases is responsible for completing the multiple case action. This office is referred to as the “multiple case processing office.”

However, the MA may agree to designate an office other than the one with the majority of the cases to be the multiple case processing office. The MAs may designate another office when:

  • No office has the majority of cases;
  • An establishment action is pending in one office;
  • Most parties to the case are located closer to one office; or
  • There’s another reason not mentioned here.

When the MAs cannot agree on which office should complete the multiple case action, the issue is referred to the Regional Administrator(s) (RA) for those offices.

The Assistant Director for Operations resolves the office assignment in the event the RAs do not agree.

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