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Original Office

This checklist is designed to help caseworkers throughout the entire multiple modification process.

  1. Determine if the case will be transferred:
    • Check the CLAP screen to verify if a noncustodial parent (NCP) has multiple CSS cases.
    • The Managing Attorney (MA) or designee contacts other offices to coordinate multiple case processing. Within 3 business days they will decide which office will complete the multiple case actions.
  2. Once a decision is made to transfer the case, within 3 business days do the following:
    • Complete A/C for the cases in the office
    • Email the entire Excel arrearage computation file to the multiple cases processing office.
    • Send modifying office original file or copies of relevant documents, as requested. Relevant documents may include:
      • District court orders that OAH doesn’t have in their file;
      • Parents’ income evidence; and
      • Medical and child care costs information.
    • Complete the OAH Notice of Transfer to the designated multiple case processing office.
    • Update CSCU screen to the office code to the designated multiple case processing office.
    • Update CSLOG to state what actions have taken place and the name of your office
  3. Send appropriate RSO Transfer letters:
    • 03RA523E RSOTLN NCP RSO Transfer Letter
    • 03RA524E RSOTL CCP RSO Transfer Letter
    • 03RA525E RSNTL CCP RSO Non-Transfer letter
  4. Once you receive the file and new order information, complete the following:
    • Docket the OAH order in district court
    • Initiate the income assignment and appropriate enforcement actions.

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