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OSIS Interest Transactions

This article provides lists of all OSIS interest transactions (both inquiry and update transactions).

Inquiry Screens:

  • INTQ – Interest Inquiry- used to view child support due, payments applied, and the arrears balance
  • INTNI – Interest Note Inquiry- used to view notes associated with interest adjustments
  • INTF – Month End Interest History- snapshot of total interest accrued and total payments for every obligation
  • ITA – Interest Activity by Obligation – provides ability to see changes in typed interest balances
  • ITI – Interest Type Inquiry by Obligation – displays the current category totals for interest (typed & untyped)

Update Screens:

  • INTADJ – Interest Adjustment – used to adjust the child support due, payments applied, balance, and interest for the month
  • ITU – Interest Typing by Obligation Update – to type interest balances for a specific obligation
  • INTPU – Interest Payment Updates – to move interest payments between obligations
  • INTN – Interest Note Add- used to enter a note documenting the adjustment

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