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Paternity Pre-Audit: CMOD Report CS370M01

Annually, the federal Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) conducts a Data Reliability Audit (DRA) to ensure CSS is meeting the required performance standards. As CSS federal incentive funding is tied to the DRA, it is important CSS meets the performance standards set by the OCSS.

CMOD report CS370M01 – Potentially Inappropriate Paternity Establishment Report, displays all court-ordered paternity establishments entered in OSIS during the previous 12-month period. The information on this report was designed to help offices review and make corrections or updates to their court-ordered paternity establishment cases. These corrections and/or updates are completed, if necessary, before this information is reported to the OCSS. This report is sent to the field on a quarterly basis.

The cases in the report are categorized and color-coded based on OSIS information obtained from the legal type field (LGL TYP) found on the obligation (OBL) screen.

The green “Order Type P” tab is legal type P cases. LGL TYP P indicates a paternity establishment order was obtained (most likely through genetic testing). These cases will pass audit and do not need further review.

There are two yellow tabs: an Order Type S tab and an Order Type MISC tab.

The yellow “Order Type S” tab contains legal type S cases. LGL TYP S indicates a support order was obtained due to paternity being acknowledged or presumed. These cases are generally fine but should be reviewed for accuracy and verification of support order obtained cases, not paternity establishment cases.

The yellow “Order Type MISC” tab will often appear on the report with a question mark in the Order Legal Type column. These cases may have multiple obligations listed. The first obligation listed is not active, as it shows to be pended or put in history, and this pattern confuses the analyzer. These cases are also most likely fine but should be reviewed to verify coding is correct.

You may also find cases listed under this tab that have been coded Legal Status H. These cases need to be reviewed to ensure H legal status is appropriate. Legal status H is to be used when paternity has been adjudicated without a support order. Genetic test results alone are not sufficient for the use of legal status H.

There are also two red tabs. Cases that fall into the red category require review as coding indicates an error.

The red “Order Type D” tab is legal type D cases. LGL TYP D indicates the order is a divorce decree but has been reported as paternity established on the 157 report.

The red “Female NCP” tab is reporting as paternity establishment. However, paternity cannot be established against a female.

As previously mentioned, this report is sent out on a quarterly basis to help offices make corrections and updates in a timely and manageable manner.