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Paternity Pre-Audit: Correcting Incorrect Coding

If a coding error is found while reviewing the CS370M01 report, offices have an opportunity to correct the coding if the effective date falls in the current federal fiscal year (FFY). The FFY starts October 1st and ends September 30th. If the incorrect coding took place in the previous FFY, the data cannot be updated.

Updating Obligation Legal Type (OBL LGL TYP)

The OBL LGL TYP field can be updated without altering the outcome of the obligation.

The variables used for OBL LGL TYP field are:

  • D – for a divorce
  • P – for paternity
  • S – for other support

Updating the Out-of-Wedlock (OOW) Indicator

The OOW indicator can easily be updated using the CSPTU screen.

The variables used for OOW field are:

  • Y – yes
  • N – no

Updating the AP Legal Status

The AP legal status can be updated using the CHU screen. Once on the CHU screen, tab to the AP LGL ST field. To add the correct sequence information, type over the existing legal status with the correct AP legal status, ending with the current legal status. The CHU screen is tied to the CSPT screens and will reflect any updates or changes made on the CHU screen. The date (DT) field will also need to be updated to reflect the correct effective dates.

Deleting Incorrect or Unnecessary Legal Statuses

Use the CSPTD screen to delete incorrect or unnecessary legal statuses. You cannot delete a legal status on CSPTD without first changing the legal status on the CHU screen. Once the legal status updates have been made to the CHU screen, you will be able to use CSPTD. Tab to select the legal status to be deleted, then type D and enter.


Legal status information is FGN-specific for the child. It is best to access the CPTU and CPSTD screens at the FGN level and not with the child’s DCN.

Remember that changes and corrections can only be completed within the current FFY. If the effective date of the legal status is in the previous FFY or earlier, you will be unable to make adjustments. It is imperative to thoroughly case-log any necessary information.