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Paternity Pre-Audit: OSIS CSPI and CSPT Screens

Paternity Establishment Pre-Audit requires reviewing, updating, and correcting information in OSIS. This article is a useful guide for the CSPI screen and the CSPTI/CSPTU/CSPTD screens.


OSIS CSPI screen.

The CSPI, Child Support Paternity Inquiry, screen is used for viewing the legal status history for each child on the case. This screen will show the progression and any changes made to the child’s legal status in the order of legal status information entered.

This screen can be accessed at the FGN level by entering CSPI [FGN] or CSPI [FGN] [Child Sequence Number].

This is an information-only screen. The status date is the date the legal action occurred, and the effective date is the date the information was entered in OSIS.


These screens all contain the same information. They provide a consolidated view of the child’s Out-of-Wedlock (OOW) status, AP legal status, and paternity status across cases tied to the child’s DCN.

These screens can be accessed by entering CPSTI/U/D [FGN] [Child Sequence Number] or CSPTI/U/D [Child’s DCN].

The CSPTI, CSS Paternity Inquiry, screen is strictly an inquiry-only screen.

OSIS CSPTI screen.

The CSPTU, CSS Paternity Out-Of-Wedlock Update, screen allows the OOW indicator to be updated.

OSIS CSPTU screen.

The CSPTD, CSS Paternity AP LGL ST Delete, screen allows unnecessary or incorrect AP legal status to be removed.