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‘Placement’ DHS Certified Foster Care

When a child is removed from a home and placed in DHS custody, Child Welfare will attempt to place the child with a family member or friend as the preferred placement. A Change in Placement Form should be received by the district office indicating the child has been moved (see “Change in Placement Forms” training article).

However, often the child will be placed with a certified foster care parent and they will be compensated for the child’s care during their stay. Current support that accrues during this time is assigned and owed to the State as reimbursement. Certified foster care placement is funded and the case type will show as ‘E’ or ‘F.’

When the child is placed in a certified foster care home:

  • Update the CHU screen to show DHS custody (D) and
  • Ensure the child is cross referenced to:
    • the custodial person (CP) from whom the children were removed or;
    • ‘Other OCSS’ (for more information on whether to add ‘Other OCSS’ as a CP, see “Juvenile Quick Reference Table” in Documents & Resources)
  • Cross reference the FGN with the C or H number (foster care medical) so CSML will reflect a case type of E or F
  • Update the obligations so current support will accrue against the CP that lost custody or ‘Other OCSS’ (see explanation above)
  • Current support is retained
  • Review receipt history to determine if a Finance Action Request should be sent to move receipts to foster care balances

If the child returns to a biological parent’s home, see the “Trial Reunification” article.

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