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‘Placement’ Foster Care Funded Kinship

If the child is in kinship placement and there is foster care being expended:

  • Update the CHU screen to show DHS custody (D) and
  • Ensure the child is cross referenced to:
    • the custodial person (CP) from whom the child was removed or;
    • ‘Other OCSS’ (for more information on whether to add ‘Other OCSS’ as a CP, see the “Juvenile Quick Reference Table” under Documents & Resources )
  • Cross reference the family group number (FGN) with the C or H number (foster care medical) so CSML will reflect a case type of E or F
  • Update the obligations so current support will accrue against the CP that lost custody (for Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) purposes) or ‘Other OCSS’ (see “Other OCSS as a CP” training article)
  • Current support is retained
  • Review receipt history to determine if a Finance Action Request should be sent to move receipts to foster care balances


For more information about the different types of foster care, see Current support Training Materials: Juvenile Cases from A-Z .

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