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Printing to Any County Office

The below steps show you to print to any County Office:

Note: You must be logged into VPN.

    1. Go to the document you want to print, click print.
    2. Click the drop-down menu to change printer.
    3. Look all the way at the bottom and select Add Printer…
      Windows printer settings with select dropdown displaying available printers.


    4. Click on Find Now.
    5. Grab the box in the bottom right hand side and expand it a bit so you can see all the printers.
      The 'Find Printers' search window.
      Note: Don’t be alarmed, this is every printer in the state so make sure you sort them, they will be in numeric order. For example, if you were in 16c scroll a little, if you are in 63c scroll down a lot. Then you look over to the left under name to find the printer you want to connect to. If you want to look for a specific county office you can put the county code in the Name field with an asterisk before and after the county name. Example: *55A* will bring up printers for 55A.
    6. Sort all the printers by ‘Server Name’ by clicking on Server Name.
      The 'Find Printers' search window with "P14C100" selected in the Search Results.
    7. Find the printer you are looking for; they are in Numeric order once you sort them. Hit OK.
      The 'Find Printers' search window with "P14C100" selected in the Search Results.
      Note: The location field gives a brief description of where in the county office the printer is located, however this information is sometimes incorrect. If you are printing while in the county office, the printer name will often be posted on or around the printer, confirm this information before printing.
    8. The printer that you have selected should now show up on the Print screen in the program you are working in.
      Windows printer select window with "P14C100" hovered and selected. The tooltip reads Printer status as "ready".
      Note: The status of the printer will be displayed under the printer name. If the printer does not show ‘Ready’ repeat the steps listed above, choosing a different printer until you find a printer that shows a ‘Ready’ status.

    These steps should work for all programs.

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