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Retrieving Scanned Documents

If you change offices, or if your office switches to a new printer/scanner, you will need to go to a different location to retrieve your scanned documents. These instructions guide you through how to accomplish this.

You need to know the name of the printer you want to use. Printer names look similar to the example in this article: p94x103.

Insert your printer name in place of the name in this link example:


Enter that link into your browser.

It is a good idea to save this link to your favorites!

Click on “Print Job/Stored File,” and then click on “Document Server”.

Finding Document Server.

Click “Shared Folder”.

Folder Name: Shared Folder.

Your documents will appear here.

Display your document.

Select the scanned document you wish to save and click “PDF”. Select your document.

Rename and save PDF from the pop up to designated folder. Example document.

When documents have been saved, check the documents you want to delete from scanner (you can check multiple at one time as well) and press “Delete”.

Select document from folder.

Click on “Delete File(s)”.

Delete document from queue.

Press “Ok”.

Verify deletion.

Return to home screen with remaining documents.

Return to Shared Folder.