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Pulling an Income Withholding Order

This article provides instruction on pulling Income Withholding Orders.

All potential automated Income Withholding Orders (IWO) go to a work list by offices for two days before they are actually printed and mailed. These are the IWO “pull” lists:

  • Initial IWO–Use IANU [Office Code]
  • Amended IWO–Use IAMU [Office Code]

Below is a list of pull codes.

Pull Code Number Description
01 Duplicate Employer
02 Possible 2nd Employer
03 Remaining Arrears Balance Due
04 Amount On IA Monthly Judgment Incorrect
05 Current Child Support Amount On IA Incorrect
06 Other Support Types May Not Be Included
07 Bankruptcy
08 *Jurisdictional Issue
09 TANF/Welfare To Work
10 Pulled–Don’t regenerate
11 Two Verified Employers
12 Auto Pull Document Pended > 90 Days (System Generated Only)
49 NCP No Longer Employed At Employer
50 Pull by EIWO Electronic Process

Screen print of the income assignment new notice update (ianu) screen.

Notices will be displayed the day they are created and the next business day. Income Assignments that have been selected to print, may be “pulled” by typing a ‘P’ in the select (SEL) field and pressing.