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Intergovernmental and Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB)

Reviewed Content on April 5, 2024

Interstate Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) Intercepts is the OSIS process for collection of UIB on open child support cases where the unemployment is being paid by another state.

Federal Law requires that every state submit their UIB claimants to the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS).

The UIB claims from every state are then matched to every open child support case in the Federal Case Registry (FCR). Child Support Services receives information about unemployment claims in all other states through the FCR.

Interstate unemployment claims can be offset in three different ways:

  • Direct Income Withholding Order – Easy state:
    • If a state accepts IWOs directly, OSIS will automatically send an IWO for that state.
    • Automated IWO sent to R/S employment security commission.
    • Will not affect other IWO’s to employers.
  • Limited Services Interstate Referral – Medium state:
    • If a state does not accept IWOs but does accept limited services intergovernmental referrals OSIS will automatically print a Transmittal #1 at the district office.
    • The Additional Info section will list any additional required information needed.
    • OSIS creates an information only referral (REFI) that is pended.
    • The child support specialist will tie that REFI referral to the obligation (OBL) and mail the Transmittal #1 with any required documents to the other state.
  • Full-Service Interstate Referral – Hard state:
    • No Automation.
    • If a state does not accept direct IWOs or limited-service referrals, then a full-service intergovernmental referral is done and forwarded to the state’s central registry.

The best source to view the most current classification of states is the Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG) on the Child Support Portal.

  1. Select the state that you want to check their classification at the top of the page.

“State. 01-Alabama"

  1. For the Program Category field, select Income Withholding.

“Program Category. 07-Income Withholding”

  1. Now you can use Search/Find on Page by pressing “Ctrl+F” and search for “UI”. You can also scroll down the list until you find where UIB is addressed.

This classification of states can also be viewed on the CSUIBI screen in OSIS. For instance, CSUIBI TX will show if TX is a hard, medium or easy state.

  • Easy states: IN, MA, ME, MI, MN, ND, NY, OH, PA, Puerto Rico, TN, WI.
  • Medium states: AL, AR, AZ, DC, IA, ID, IL, KS, KY, MD, NE, NH, NC, OR, TX, VA, WA, WV, WY.
  • Hard states: AK, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, Guam, HI, LA, MO, MS, MT, NJ, NV, NM, OK, RI, SC, SD, UT, VT, Virgin Islands.

Content Manager on Demand (CMOD) Reports for Interstate UIB Intercept

There are four Content Manager on Demand (CMOD) Reports for Intergovernmental UIB intercepts.

  1. CS648R01 – New Out-of-State UIB Referrals
  2. CS648R02 – Current Interstate Referrals: FCR UIB from Different State
  3. CS649M01 – Total Counts by State/Requirement
  4. CS659M01 – Interstate UIB Collections Report

NOTE: Currently, use only Internet Explorer (IE) to open CMOD.  If you need more information, please review How to Use Content Manager on Demand.

The accuracy of this CS Quest Article is up to date as of 04/5/24.