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Sending and Retrieving a Secure Email

This article shows you the process for sending a secure email and the process for the other party [recipient] to retrieve the secure email.

To Send a Secure Email

  1. Create an email to send to a recipient. Make sure that the word [secure] is in the subject line (including the brackets).
    Creating the secure mail.
  2. Complete your email and click send. It is that simple.


For the Recipient to Retrieve the Secure Email

  1. The recipient of the secure email will receive an email stating that they have been sent a secure message.  In the message there is a link for them to click.
    Recipient receiving email message with link.
  2. Once the recipient clicks on the link, it takes them to a website where they will create their own password for retrieving the secure message.
    Recipient creating password.
  3. After the recipient creates a password it will take them to the login screen where they will use their email address and password they created to access their messages.
    Recipient log in to access secure email.
  4. Now the recipient can read their message.
    Recipient reading secure email.

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