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Teleworking Tip – March 19, 2020

The below email communication was the first of daily support email tips during the pandemic for Child Support staff.

March 2020

Dear Child Support,

A lot of us have not teleworked prior to this time and teleworking combined with school closings and entertainment venues closed for a few weeks means your family members – including children – are in your home workspace. These tips will help you manage dealing with work interruptions when you still need to get things done.

  • Define your “office hours.” – Cut down on interruptions by scheduling regular times to be available. Alert other adult family members when you prefer to work uninterrupted and set a schedule for them to help out.
  • Have a definite workspace. – Start each work-from-home day the way you would a work-from-the-office day: Get out of bed at a set time, change clothes and “commute” to a designated workspace—a private home office, the dining room table, even a kitchen island, with your computer and your essential supplies.
  • Post a “Please Don’t Interrupt” sign – When you’re available again, remove the sign. Here are a sample of Please Don’t Interrupt Signs.

To end, you might want to review CSQuest article Just Breathe.  Slow down as you get your work done.  We are all here for you.

Take care,

Center for Professional Development Team