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Updating a Single CP A/C

Steps to take when updating a Custodial Parent (CP) Arrearage Computation are:

  1. From the “BaseCsi” tab click on the “Add Months” button. A window named “Ending Date” will open.
  2. Enter the new ending month for the A/C. This will populate the additional month(s).
  3. From CFRRP, highlight, copy, and paste any new payments (since the last A/C) using the method shown in the Entering Information into the A/C article.

Note: Payments do not have to be pasted in chronological order in the “First Copy of CFRRP” and “Receipts (CFRRP)” tabs.

Note: Do not forget to update the notes with the last payment and the IV-A URA, if applicable.

Note: Do not forget to update any changes in support amount or payee via the “SetAmtOwed” tab.

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.