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Updating an Existing A/C with Multiple CPs

The steps involved when updating a multiple-Custodial Parent (CP) Arrearage Computation (A/C) are:

  1. Update the Master A/C – “BaseCsi” tab (see Updating a Single CP A/C article).
    Updating the “BaseCsi” sheet will add additional months to the custodial person (CP) A/C.
  2. Update CP 01 A/C
    Select the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab and enter additional months, amounts due (including any changes), and payees for CP 01, as needed. This information will automatically populate the “BaseCsi” tab.After this process is complete, click the “Save” function for the workbook.
  3. Updating the A/C for CP 02
    Since the CP 02 A/C cannot be truly updated, create a new A/C using the steps shown in the article “Creating an A/C for Additional CPs.”Note: When adding information to the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab, the information from the “SetCPAmtOwed” tab previously saved in the original CP 02 A/C can be cut and pasted.

    Note: After updating the CP 02 A/C, save the document using the same naming convention, which will overwrite the previous version.

    Reminder: After saving the new worksheet for CP 02, go back to the Master A/C and close it without saving changes. Saving changes to the Master A/C after the CP 02 information has been entered will overwrite CP 01’s information.

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.