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URA Glossary

The below glossary defines commonly used URA terms.

Term Definition Included in URA Calculation?
Assignment An assignment is any transfer of rights to child or medical support to the State of Oklahoma. N/A
Conditionally Assigned Assigned balances (assigned from 10/01/98-09/30/09) that can only be retained by the State if collected via IRS offset. N/A
TANF (EW C) Public assistance payments made to families, based on Title IV-A of the Social Security Act. This was previously known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC — otherwise known as welfare). Yes
URA The balance of: TANF and/or IV-E foster care cash assistance, minus child support payments retained by the State. N/A
$50 Disregards Through 09/1996, the first $50 of current support collected was issued to CPs each month while they were on TANF. Yes
Escrow Payments Until the mid-90’s, if a payee’s TANF check was less than the paid support for 3 consecutive months, the amount collected over the expended amount was issued to the CP; in addition the TANF case would close. Yes
Diversion Assistance (EW DA) A lump sum payment used to divert a payee from receiving ongoing TANF. In exchange, the payee is not eligible for TANF for one year. No
Unemployed Parent (EW CU) If there is an unemployed or under-employed adult in the home, the household could qualify for this type of payment. If the NCP is included in the grant, No.


If the adult is not the NCP, Yes.

Supported Permanency (EW CK) Benefit paid to guardians who agree to be the permanent home for hard-to-place children (special needs, sibling groups, etc.). Yes
TANF Work Start-Up Payment (EW TE) $30 payment given to clients at the beginning of the TANF certification process. No
TANF Work Participant Allowances (EW CE) $13 benefit given to payees for each day they attend school. No
Child Vouchers (V C) If a current TANF recipient becomes pregnant, the TANF grant is not increased. Instead, the baby is eligible for a temporary voucher (up to 36 months) to help cover the cost of diapers. Yes
Microfiche TANF benefits prior to 10/1994 are stored on microfiche film. However, requests for copies of microfiche are no longer necessary because they have been added for all applicable cases. Yes