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VA Benefits Suspended? Not Really

Have you looked on the OSIS FCRL screen for VA benefits and you see under Benefit Status that it looks like payments are suspended?

Unless the case specialists has information that is contrary to what is displayed, a best practice is to disregard this as it does not mean that the Veterans Administration (VA) benefits have been cut off. Termination of VA benefits is exceptionally rare. Theoretically, PMTS suspended indicates that the past payment date shown has already been paid out or executed.

To see the most recent updated amount, type S next to the Received Date you are interested in, and press Enter. In the first OSIS FCRLVA screen example the first date on the list is selected.

OSIS FCRLVA Selection screen

On the next screen, near the bottom, VA Specific Information is shown. This amount is accurate to the penny, and the OSIS FCRLVA screen and the Child Support Portal contains the same VA benefit information in case you want to verify the VA Benefit amounts. The image of the VA Benefit details screen shows the VA award amount.

OSIS FCRLVA screen closeup of VA specific information

Should the NCP claim that their benefit is a different amount, ask the NCP to produce his/her VA award letter. VA benefits are not taxable, so W-2s or tax returns will not provide you with relevant information about VA benefits.

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