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What is eIWO and What Will It Do?

Legal authority for Income Withholding can be found here.

eIWO (electronic income withholding order) is a digital alternative to the paper-based wage withholding order. It uses a record layout on the computer to transfer electronic data directly to the employer. The main goals for eIWO is to reduce operating costs, improve customer service, and increase child support collections. eIWO can be used with both public and private employers.

eIWO Processes and Screens

For information on eIWO processes and screens see pages 2 through 6 of the Child Support Training Minute: EIWO on the InfoNet. You will find information on:

  • Worker requested documents – EIWOTU, EIWOIU and EIWOAU (like the current NOIAIU, NOIAAU and NOIATU)
  • Modified Screens
    • IAI
    • CIRI
    • NI
    • DOCL
  • eIWO Messages
  • Possible New Employer Report – The new report will list possible new employers if DFAS has this information.