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Accessing eKIDS Case Screens

Highlight and Click the Search function to view a case.  Move your mouse to one of the following text fields:  KIDS Case Number, Court Number, Child’s Last Name, or County of Jurisdiction.  Enter the appropriate name or number then Click the Search button.

Search boxes that can be used within eKIDS to find a case summary.

Case Summary:  provides general information regarding the family.  It shows case closure history, case type history, and case information. To identify the Last or Current Child Welfare Worker, look under Case Information under Last Worker.

You may select any of the tabs at the top for further information.

Case summary and tabs to obtain further information.

KIDS Case Number:  Enter only the numbers (do not enter KK prior to the numbers) and Click the Search button when selecting the KIDS Case Number. This will bring you to the Case Summary screen.

An example of typing in a case number in the KIDS Case Number search bar.

Court Number:  Enter the court number in the blank text field and Click Search.  The court information will populate for review.

An example of information about client based on court number.

Child’s Last Name: Type in the child’s last name in the text field. Be aware that a common name such as (Jones) may generate a long list of results.

An example of a populated list by using a client’s last name.

The names of OCS (Oklahoma’s children’s Services) clients will populate. Click on the Case ID on the left hand side of the screen to access the preferred case.

Asterisks (***) next to a Case ID indicate this case is Restricted and cannot be viewed.  A message box will appear stating: “You do not have access to this case.”  It will also provide the Child Welfare Specialist and Supervisor you can contact for necessary information.

County Search: Type in the name of county to search for cases within that area. The following screen will appear when you select County Search. Place your cursor and Click once on the Case ID to access the case information.

An example of search results by searching the county.