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Add or Remove Authorized Representative (POA)

To help CARE assure information is not provided to an unauthorized person; district office staff should enter the approved Authorized Representative’s first initial, last name and an*A*to indicate ‘added’ or an*R*to indicate ‘removed’ in the POA f field on the appropriate screen of the case along with the month and year of the update. A corresponding case log with the full name of the AR should be entered on the same date an AR is added to or removed from the cases that CARE or anyone else accessing the case can verify the full name of the caller. The POA field has 34 characters and is a free-form field, so names and dates can be entered.

When CARE receives calls from a customer shown as an approved AR on one case who is also a CP on that or another case, an FYI message with ‘CP AR on case’ in the Subject line is posted to the district office CARE folder. The district office determines whether it is appropriate for that person to continue as the AR and updates the CIRI POA field information and case log as stated above.

Removing or Adding an Authorized Representative

Enter on CCPU for the CP or on CSCU for the NCP/alleged father or BP:

  1. The first initial and last name
  2. *A*for‘added’
  3. *R*for ‘removed’
  4. The month and year(example –05/15)
NOTE: Updating cases in this way means fewer CARE Follow Up messages for you and provides more immediate service to customers.
Remember, This designation is effective until death, unless revoked it in writing or the Form 03EN010E, Authorized Representative Designation, is submitted.

Current CSS Policy

The current CSS policy regarding ARs is 340:25-1-3.1. Designation of an authorized representative . The most relevant policy with ITS is shown below but you may want to review the entire policy and IRS.

  1. CSS does not honor requests to designate as an authorized representative a person who has a conflict of interest that would result in the release of information he or she is otherwise not entitled to receive.
  1. A person must complete and submit Form 03EN010E, Authorized Representative Designation, to CSS, before the representative may act or receive information orally or in writing on behalf of the person represented. A person may have only one authorized representative at any time. • 2 & 3
  1. Once CSS receives Form 03EN010E, CSS considers the designation in effect until CSS receives:
    1. a new Form 03EN010E designating another person as the authorized representative;
    2. written notice that the designation of an authorized representative is revoked; or
    3. written notice that the designator is deceased.
  1. CSS reserves the right to refuse to honor a designation of authorized representative.

Instructions to Staff 340:25-1-3.1 revised 9-15-15

  1. For example, when a noncustodial person (NCP) has multiple cases, custodial person (CP) 1 cannot be designated as the NCP’s authorized representative because it would result in an unauthorized release of information to CP 1 regarding the cases of CP 2 and CP 3.
  2. Per the Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act, Sections 1071 through 1077 of Title 58 of the Oklahoma Statutes, when a person has a Power of Attorney (POA) or a legally sufficient written release of information, Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Support Services (CSS) recognizes the POA.  CSS staff obtains a copy of the POA for the CSS state’s attorney review.
  3. Although a private collection agency’s address may not be the address of record, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:25-5-340, CSS staff may release to the private collection agency a record of payments when the CP designates the collection agency as an authorized representative on Form 03EN010E, Authorized Representative Designation, to receive confidential information about the Title IV-D case on behalf of the CP.  The information an authorized representative may receive is limited to information the CP in the case may receive per OAC 340:25-5-67.
    1. CSS staff may refuse to honor a designation of authorized representative when the authorized representative is disruptive to case processes, including, but not limited to:
      1. knowingly providing false information;
      2. disrupting court proceedings or office appointments; or
      3. threatening violence against CSS staff or other parties to a case.
    2. When CSS disallows a designation on a case under this Section, the individual is prohibited from being designated as an authorized representative for one year.