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AOR Checklist

Below are the steps to walk through when adding an Address of Record (AOR).

Note: When a custodial person is receiving TANF benefits and mail sent to the custodial person’s address is returned undelivered by USPS; do not update the CP Address of Record.
  1. Upon initial contact with the CP, NCP, or the case file, determine if OSIS contains an existing mailing address for the case members. Access the ASA or the ADU/ADI screens to view existing addresses.
    • Access the ASA screen by typing ASA, or ASA [Address Type 01] [AP number], or ASA [address types 19 or 20] [FGN]. To view all address types from ASA, type ASA [FGN].
    • Access the ADU screen by typing ADU [Address type 01] [AP Number] or ADU [address types 19 or 20] [FGN] for the CP or BP. Access ADI using the same steps as with ADU.
  2. If there is an existing mailing address that is different from the current verified mailing address, update the address using the ADU transaction (see step 1 above).
  3. If there is not an existing mailing address, establish the address using ADA (Address Add screen).
    • Access the ADA screen by typing ADA [Address Type 01] [AP Number] or ADA [address Type 19 or 20] [FGN] for the CP or BP.
  4. To designate the initial mailing address as an AOR address, the case member must provide and designate the address in writing (03EN008E (ADRFVS/CSED-8), Court Order, or SOSO).
    The cursor appears in the block labeled AOR. Insert the appropriate AOR designator in the aor field.

    • per – Person
    • crt – Court Order
    • sos – Summary of Support Order

    Note: You should populate the aor field only when the case member designates the address as an AOR. Otherwise, enter the case member’s current mailing address only.

  5. Complete the required address fields: address, city, state, ZIP, FIPS, and county. If the case member provided a phone number, enter the number.
  6. Enter the appropriate value in the Source field. See the Address Source Code.pdf for values
  7. Enter a V (verified as current) in the Address verify field.
  8. Enter the current date (MMDDYY) in the Verify Date field and press Enter to update the address.
    If the case member designated the address as an AOR, the AOR appears on the first page of the ASA screen (Case Address Listing). Otherwise, the address appears on the second page of the ASA screen.